The small joys

Lovely Lucy, had nominated me for this and I am over the moon. I loved reading Lucy’s post and I hope I can make you happier by the end of it just as I was after reading hers. And if you’ve already read hers then you’ll find my first joy similar to hers. Okay so what are we waiting for? Let’s begin:

The rules:

  • Thank the blogger who tagged you!
  • List 15 of your Small Joys (They can be as weird, random, and silly as you want to make them!)
  • Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy (and feel free to say why they bring you joy!)Have fun with it!

1. When you’re awake in the night, while everyone else is asleep. The entire world is sleeping and it’s just you and the moonlight. The stars are singing you a lullaby and you’re wondering about the secrets of the universe. It’s quiet but not completely. Perhaps your clock is ticking, or maybe the fan in your room is making fan noises. But you’re feeling warm and cold and just absolutely perfect. You have a cup of coffee or tea or perhaps your preferred drink in your hand, with your favorite biscuits or snacks to match. There’s slow music or asmr rain sounds in the background. And all you feel is bliss.

the city under the moon

2. Rain. Okay we all know my obsession with the grey clouds. Even as I’m writing this post rain sounds are playing in the background. I just love the rain. The smell of the wet earth after the rain. And the grey tint that falls all over your surroundings making everything look foggy. And if you have a garden, the raindrops on the leaves and flowers mirror the dew drops in winter mornings. Everything about the rain just brings you peace.

tip tap tip tap

3. A perfect cup of coffee or hot chocolate. I’m a coffee person. I don’t mind tea either. Or I think it’s best to say that I can drink almost anything as long as it’s good. But that perfect cup of coffee beats it all. The smell from the cup when you know it’s just right. And the first sip just sends you to cloud nine. Wow. It was sooo good. My cousin makes the best cup of coffees. Thanks sissy, love ya.💝💝

a garden flower

4. Before I list anything else, apart from the mundane things that bring me joy the people that do would be my friends. Okay so I’m not social. Totally not. But somehow I have the best friends on the planet. No competition. These people are the best. The “remember when” conversations we have at 1 am in the morning. When we talk absolute nonsense voting for which color octopuses are prettier. Or perhaps fantasizing about our futures together. The time we will spend together. The coffee dates, the trips to the mall, the dress ups, the dinner nights, and every other thing we still have to do. Together. I love you guys. You aren’t my small joy, but you give me loads of them. And together you make me the happiest person alive. Thanks for being my heartbeat. Without you I wouldn’t be here.

5. Candles. Yes I love candles. The scent of vanilla as it floods my room is everything that I want. Candles make me happy. Though I never light them. The candles that I buy give off such strong scents that you don’t even have to light them. If you keep them somewhere for a while they will do their magic regardless. Never ending candles. I’ve had them since forever. Okay since not forever. Maybe like two years. But yeah in candle time that is forever.

this isnt a candle but my glasses when I stepped out into the rain

6. Painting. I love painting. Though I am not good at drawing. I do abstract art. Mostly with acrylic or water colors. I recently did oil painting at my school. The medium is soo hard to control I salute artists. A friend of mine has basically mastered the medium as if it was color pencils and not oil. But I struggle with it so much I wonder how she is so good at it. Her paintings come out so well that she could actually sell them.

A tiny boat I made out of receipts

7. Clouds. I love clouds. They’re the best. They look soo soft and fluffy. I feel like eating them when they’re all bunched up and just floating so freely. They look like they’d taste like cotton candy. I always miss cotton candy when I look at clouds. Or remember that scene in the Disney movie “Up” and then perhaps I’m not so happy anymore :’) . But I love clouds nonetheless. A plain blue sky seems lonely and sad. I don’t like clear skies. I prefer clouds over clear skies. Who likes the sun beating down on them anyways?

Yes I love clouds. Yes I’m the person who takes pictures when I travel.

8. Okay so this one might be a little silly, but I get happy when someone calls me by my name. I mean not just like calling me but like I can’t really explain but I get happy when people “consider” my presence. It’s like they know I exist which always surprises me because when there are more than 7 people I generally get quiet. I’m a talkative person I can literally write a novel on anything. Even a rock. But it’s like maybe an elder child thing since I’m the elder one in my family, but I don’t really wanna take something away. If you wanna speak you can speak first, or if you want something you can have it. I’m generally not the one raising my hand in class for things that everyone wants to get. It’s like an instinct but I feel like it’s become a habit too. Sometimes even if it’s something I like or look forward to, if there’s someone else who wants it then I let it be. So I get happy when despite me hiding my presence people do remember that I’m there. It’s not a sad thing like it comes off to be, it’s just how it is. I don’t mind it.

empty elevators are pretty

9. When someone hugs me. I LOVE HUGS. I’m literally the clingiest person ever. And I would be glued to my friends. But I get extremely happy when they reach out to me first. Imagine being jumped on by your bestie. The best feeling in the world.

10. Listening to music in the car. We all have pretended to be in a music video when we listened to music in the car and watched the world glide in front of our eyes like a camera. It’s so silly but so much fun. Even if the song is not that good, anything in the car sounds good. Especially when you’re on a long drive with no set destination. And it’s night and the city is covered in yellow streetlights.

Long drives

11. Waking up a few seconds before your alarm. If this isn’t the best thing to wake up to in the morning I don’t know what else is. The satisfaction you get when you have a proper sleep and the universe wakes you up just before you were supposed to. I love beginning my day totally refreshed and ready to face everything the world throws my way.

early mornings

12. I love seasons. I am obsessed with the weather. But my favorite is the autumn season. But here I don’t get to experience it. But winters are very harsh. I love sweaters. Winter wear is my favorite. In winter you can always wear more layers and feel comfy. In summer even if you wear nothing it won’t do a thing. That’s why I love winters. I always get excited when it arrives. And I get to go shop for different colored sweaters and stuff.


13. Those rare nights when I decide to stay up late and I go out to the terrace and instead of a clear sky there are stars and a pretty moon keeping me company. When you look at the sky in the night it makes you feel like everything is alright and will be alright too. You feel human. You feel okay. It’s the most vulnerable feeling and so precious too. You guys should try it.

Crescent moon

14. Finding your favorite chocolate or biscuit in the grocery. Especially right now when things are in less quantity and there’s only one local store which you can visit. And you find your fav choco. Yes!


15. All of you who read my blog. I decided blogging on a whim because a few of my friends were blogging too. And I ended up finding a safe haven in this tiny part of the internet. I love how I can be myself, and say all of my heart, lay down all of my stars, and people actually listen? Not listen but like read. It’s like I have my personal audience. All of you love to read whatever I write, good or bad, and I have made friends here who actually give me feedback. Phoenix who comments on my every post, Lovely Lucy who is always herself, Aathmana who I haven’t talked to much but she has been the sweetest bean with me, and other precious readers like you who read my blog. You all are a small bunch of joy that becomes more and more overwhelming every day. Thank you for reading and being there. ❤️❤️


I want to nominate Phoenix of course, you who reads my every post since the beginning and bring joy to me every time, I’d like to share this with you.

Aathmana who is a joyful person by default. I want you to share your joy with us.

Nimo I have a post for you. Share your joy with the community.

Isna you’re a new blogger but each of your posts really resonate with me and I love reading your poems. If you may, it would be nice if you would share your mundane small joys with us.

And lastly to anyone who wants to join in. I wanted to tag Lucy but she’s already done it and tagged Ceres too. Ceres you better do it buddy. You’re getting a tag from me too😆😆.

Lastly, thanks for reading it was pretty long but I had fun. Thanks to Lucy once again, because I can’t thank her enough. And put a smile on your face because smiles are contagious. =) Until next time. Stay home, stay safe.


  1. Thank youuuu for sharing, it was nice knowing your small joys!
    Hahah, pretending your in a music video in the car, who doesn’t do that? 😂
    ❤️❤️❤️Thank you for the nomination Arena! I will make a post soon!
    Btw, how’s your speech going?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhhh, BEAUTIFUL as always and you managed to describe each of your small joys so perfectly and poetically💕❤️😍( does a small dance while sitting 🎊👏)!!This is perfectly timed as it is raining here and your description about the rain is spot on 🙂 Bonus points for me when is rains because I don’t have to water the plants, heheh ( not that I mind watering plants because I love being engulfed in nature)

    Hugs are the best but, sadly I can only send you virtual hugs 🥺( insert hug emoji because after some searching I realized I can’t find any emojis that resemble a hug). Also, I think we may be long lost twins because as I was reading I was just nodding my head and saying yes to everyone of your small joys!!!Your eight small joy is something that I relate to very much but don’t worry girl, I remember that you’re here😂!! I mean how can I forget a person full of such positivity and thoughtfulness?💕❤️❤️❤️( heheh 😈)


    1. LUUUCCYY MY LOOOVEEE🥺🥺🥺💝💝 You’re right we might be lost twins…but we’re not so lost anymore are we?😏😏…hehe…and yesss I’m sending you looooads oofff virtual hugs with a tiiighhhttt sqqquueeezzzzzeeee and I’ll maybe also pat your head…hehe…because you’re my twin(kle) and you shiiinnneeee in ways no one else does✨✨✨

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved this! ✨💕 I wish I could get that sense of awareness of my surroundings when being awake in the night back as nowadays I’m just so frustrated with myself for not falling asleep sooner, isolation has for sure messed up my body clock 😂

    And I just love it when it rains! 😍 I was thinking the other day about how I miss being out in the car whilst it was raining just for that feeling and the sound 🌧️ The next time it rains I’m going to try my best to go sit outside with an umbrella ☔😂

    I don’t light my favourite candles either! Can’t bring myself to do it, they’re far too nice for that even if it is their purpose. That tiny boat looks so cute! I I really like hugs too, my sister says I hug very tightly but only because I feel like a hug without a tight squeeze isn’t worth it, I want them to FEEL the love 😂 I need those Totoro biscuits in my life! Glad to have found your blog through a fellow Lucy and learn a bit about you! 😂 Take care 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww Elsie thank you for dropping by🥺❤️I’m glad you found me…because we have so many things in common(and yess I looovee Totoro❤️)…I’m sure we will have a lot of fun interacting with each other🥳🥳💝💝 And you tooo take care💕

      Liked by 1 person

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