Warm Eyes and Cold sights

Some cold and Dark Poetry.

Her eyes were the ones that sparkled

Even as we trudged in the damp snow

Her demeanor unwavering

And I felt warm watching her glow

She was brave that I knew

Braver than anyone else I knew

Yet I longed to see her smile

Instead of her vulnerable eyes

They sparkled against the snow

Making her glow

And yet all I felt was sorrow

For the way she could never see tomorrow

-from a stranger to Nix

This was written from the four words- for my loveliest friend- Nix(Phoenix) had given me. Brave, sparkle, smile, and snow. Hope I did justice to whatever you had in mind. Also sorry if it’s a little dark but I recently watched this movie with a lot of mountain climbers so akjskajsk this is all I could think of.

Also my first post on my ADHD segment is up. It isn’t much but October is ADHD awareness month and this topic is a personal one for me. It would mean the world to me if you would give it a read and spread the word.

Until next time. Toodles -3-


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