Little me- from me to you

I wanna see all of the worlds

Lift you high into the skies

In a place where there’ll never be cries

I wanna hold you tight, never let go

Even when you become my most hurtful foe

I will never let you go

My other half, my own past

My childhood counterpart

I will show you the world

And all of its wonders

So that you forget all the thunders

Till you only remember the comforts



  1. Heya! I’m just back here to blogging, and damn this was so good! How are you doing? This poem gives me kinda protective vibes, like you know motherly feelings or hindsight towards a more naive self ig? Lovely and hope you’re doing great! We really need to get in touch often don’t you think?

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    1. Juuuuuuu omg its sooo nice to seee you here i seriously miss your posts i cant wait for the looming exams to be over so we all can literally have a breather aksksksks and this is just a dump of my uhh 1 min poems i literally write them in like a min aksksks so they’re not that deep just a bunch of words really…i havent been able to properly sit down and write anything cuz of xaaams and i miss blogging tooo…hopefully we’ll be back soon…also yesss lets zoom once my exms are over 😀

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