“like a thought that passes by or a gust of wind that tickles sometimes, I’m a random mess…”


Heeeyy there stranger reading this blog…you won’t find anything of importance here. But if you’re another teenager or a human who’s a dreamer and one that has a crazy vivid imagination, then you’re knocking on the right door. This blog is (gonna be) filled with random thoughts and rants that come by on a rainy day or when you’re in the shower washing those anxieties away. And it might have typos and grammatical errors, as I’m one with a lot on my mind but a lot less time in my life, therefore, I wouldn’t edit these. I’ll try my best but I can’t guarantee. Okiiesss… these are just thoughts and dreams and a bunch of poetic stories, and if you like those then hop on because this will be a ride you’ve never seen.



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