”When starry eyed people tell you lies, you realize they aren’t.”



What is passion? I don’t exactly know. Is it a sort of drive to move forward? I don’t know that either. I don’t know how people can fall in love with their hobbies when I can’t even fall out of bed on my worst days. And yet, I know exactly what it feels like.

The small joys

Lovely Lucy, had nominated me for this and I am over the moon. I loved reading Lucy’s post and I hope I can make you happier by the end of it just as I was after reading hers.


Greetings strangers, my friends Phoenix and Lucy, my cousin sis Isna, oh and my friend nimo too. Hi there! Sorry … More

Living at home

Qurantine times, isolation times, desperate times, stressful times, and mostly all the “time spend at home” times.

A beautiful moment

At this moment she wished for a pair of wings, so she could take to the skies like those birds and enjoy the moment at its best. But as a mere human she could only revel in her imagination.

A stormy night

And tonight with the lightning bolts in sight, I think I can rejoice. I’m not the only one going through a stormy night.

A dance by the river

In times of harshness and in times of need never forget your human greed. Willfully take a breath. And take a moment to close your eyes and dream.


To all those who love me and all those I love. I promise of a forever and more.

‘Education’ why does it exist?

Why is education so important? We have uneducated people that have discovered and taught us lessons that no educated man ever did. Why is education so important then? Well I know why.


How do we keep our emotions in check? Do we even do that? Or do we just let our feelings decide for us?


Is it just me who tries to achieve my goals and make my dreams a reality just so that one day I can be happier. Or just happy…


Do you ever wonder if the weather outside actually effects our daily life? If the sun outside determines our inner sunshine, or if the cloudy sky clouds up our mind too?


“like a thought that passes by or a gust of wind that tickles sometimes, I’m a random mess…” -original Heeeyy … More

“There’s magic in you, and magic in me. A little truth about magic, and that’s magical to me.

-fromastrangertoyou (inspired by Atticus)