greetings…this isn’t a happy occasion and I’m sorry that it’s out of no where but with my inactiveness I don’t think it’s sudden… I’m going on an indefinite hiatus and i cannot say when I’ll be back.

I will drop by sometime as writing is what keeps me going and even tho I won’t be posting here I will still be writing and I’ll post poems on my other blog.


With school and life being very unpredictable along with other stuff it’s hard for me to keep track of everything along with the reminder to keep posting here. It’s hard and I’m bad at this…so I’m really sorry for those who were looking forward to my adhd segment it is not discontinued but rather I’ll post all together whenever I drop by next. And I’m sorry for those who just followed me only to see this hiatus notice but this isn’t a goodbye. I’ll be back when I can finally breath without worrying about anything.

To my friends Nix and Lucy I’ll miss you. Take care💞

I’ll miss you all and take care. Don’t forget to drink water and wear a mask. Happy winter to everyone💞


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