It’s okay if things don’t go your way. For me they never do. But I still look forward to those unexpected river bends.

Forever and More

The little, big, red tree,
Stood beside the little girl.
They both gawked with
The same curiosity that,
Was born from the same vicinity,
Of their places.
The little, big, red tree was big,
And its leaves were as red,
As a rose that bloomed year round.
Its leaves, they swayed
With the wind, and
Stood as still as silence could ever be.
Even time was envious of its
Never ending presence.

When, the little young girl,
Asked upon it, a question
That it was never asked.
It gave the little one,
An answer that was
Never given to her.
The little girl then said,
All the things she had
Never told a loud, and the tree
Heard all the things he never
Heard a loud from anyone.
The tree in return gave the girl
Warmth she was never given.
And the girl gave the tree
All the love it was never bestowed.

The tree bore fruits.
The tree bore houses,
Of families the girl never saw.
The girl had stories from far away,
Tales from another world.
A world the tree
Had never seen or heard about.
Both of them exchanged pieces,
Of themselves and more.
All together weaving a story,
About a red tree so big and small,
And a young girl so old and tall.

When seasons changed,
Came autumn or spring,
Came summer or winter
Came the girl to the tree.
No different whatsoever.
Squirrels grew and birds flew.
People came and people went.
But the red tree stood along,
The young girl forever small.

They saw many things.
All shared with one another.
They met many and saw many
All shared with one another.
Other things and creatures all talked,
About these two.
Who in place talked about,
All the things we ever knew.
Eternities and ages went by.
Young became old,
Old became older,
Oldest passed away,
While new ones were born.
But the little big red tree,
And the young girl
Stood by each other
Watching them all.

From a stranger to, all of the people who I have lost along the way, and to all I have met and came to love. To all those who love me and all those I love. I promise of a forever and more.

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